• Child and Youth
    AFRPM partners with VING CYS, 4-H, and community partners on some events.
    Watch the site for upcoming Air Guard events for 2021 will be; story reading, Military Child Education Chart your Course for Elementary, Middle School, and High School, Your First Resume, Understanding money, summer camp.
  • Comprehensive Airman Fitness / Resiliency
    The AFRPM is a trained Master Resiliency Trainer and has made it her theme for the 285th CES Squadron to practice the Comprehensive Airman Fitness pillars on a regular basis, providing ongoing briefings and events. Please see the following article about the program.
  • Employability
    The Airman and Family Readiness is a Certified Federal Job Search Trainer & Certified Federal Career Coach. She can assist with USAJOBS resume writing and career search as well as military and civilian resumes for Airman, families, and youth. She is also available for mock interviews.
  • Family Readiness Support
    The Air Guard has a Key Volunteer Program in place but always seeking more volunteers. For more information please contact the AFRPM or see the information on
  • Personal and Financial Counseling
    The Airman and Family Readiness is a Certified Financial Consultant and provides Financial Touchpoints in coordination with the Personal Financial Counselor or several life events; divorce, marriage, new child, transitions and more. 
  • Strong Bonds
    The AFRPM is a trained Strong Bonds instructor and due to not having a Chaplain Corps at the VIANG, the AFRPM is able to request events, funding, and provide local training.Look for a training in 2021.
  • Transition Assistance Program
    The AFRPM is a trainer for the pre-separation counseling for the transitional assistance program and tracks the airman programs throughout the entire transition; providing them the funding and training, and following up with the CAPSTONE making sure the Airman is ready for the transition to civilian life.
  • Warrior & Survivor Care
    The AFRPM works with a case management team to provide services to the seriously or very seriously wounded, ill and their families throughout the healing and transition process.
  • Yellow Ribbon Reintegration Program
    The AFRPM is the point person for the Virgin Islands Air National Guard for the Yellow Ribbon Program; requesting funds, setting the event, and coordinating with the Yellow Ribbon Coordinator at the 127 Wing.