Want to support your Soldier/Airman?  Volunteer with your unit’s FRG/KVT today!

Family Readiness is the level of awareness Families and their Service Members have in preparation for that call to state or federal active duty.  Whether your Guardsman is attending a military school, providing state or local disaster relief, or defending freedom, our Family Readiness Program is invaluable in providing the concentrated military support during the full deployment cycle with emphasis on increased support during deployment and reintegration.  The Soldier Family Readiness Specialists (SFRS) and the Airmen & Family Readiness Program Manager (A&FRPM) are a vital link between the unit/squadron Commander, the Families assigned to the unit/squadron, and the community resources available to the Soldiers/Airmen and their Families. 

To aid you in navigating through military life, Six Steps to Family Readiness have been developed.  Each step (i.e., In-Processing, Welcome Briefing, Training, Pre-Deployment, Deployment and Reunion) addresses challenges, victories, and support networks provided to you, the Families, and the Guard Members. 

One major role of the SFRSs/A&FRPM is to assist Command with the development of their unit’s/squadron’s Family Readiness Group (FRG) or Key Volunteer Team (KVT).  The significance of a solid FRG/KVT is that it allows Soldiers/Airmen to remain mission-focused while their Families’ well-being is sustained.  The FRG/KVT encourages resiliency among the members by providing information, referral assistance, mutual support, and activities that enhance the well-being and esprit de corps within the unit.

Our MOTTO: Mission First, Families Always.

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