Use your education and skills to become an officer

The Virgin Islands Army National Guard offers more options for becoming an officer than any other branch of military service. Still, it won’t be easy–you must have more than a high school education, as well as the skills to make decisions and make a difference.

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The three categories of officers are:

Branch Officers

These officers serve in the combat arms branch (infantry, armor and field artillery); the combat support branch (military police, signal and military intelligence); or, the combat service support branch (finance, transportation and quartermaster). Go to the basic branch officer page to learn more.

Specialty Officers

These are officers with specialized professional skills: medical professional, chaplain and Judge Advocate General (JAG)

Warrant Officers

These officers are subject matter experts in specific technical areas. They are not commissioned officers and do not require a college degree, but do require five to seven years of experience in the Guard. Go to the warrant officer page to learn more.

• Basic branch officer page: