610th Water Support Company (WSC)

610th Water Support Company (WSC) Mission:

Produce, store and distribute potable water to supported units within a designated area of operation.

Commanders Intent:

Conduct year round training to improve the unit’s proficiency to perform its METL Tasks, Key Collective Tasks, and Warrior Tasks and Battle Drills (WTBDs). The tasks will be trained in a manner that will allow the unit to progressively build on the previous training year training with a focus towards annual training. Objective assessments will be conducted by external evaluators utilizing the Task Evaluation Criteria Matrix. Risk assessments will be conducted to ensure safety measures are integrated into all activities associated with all training.

 Commander 340-712-7970
 First Sergeant 340-712-7968
 Readiness NCO 340-712-7968
 Training NCO 340-712-7953
 Supply NCO 340-712-7998
 Admin 340-712-7969