State Family Program

The VING State Family Program serves as an advocate, liaison, and partner with stakeholders to provide resources, training and Deployment Cycle Support to sustain a viable quality of life for our Service Members, Veterans, their Families and the communities in which they live. 
To establish and facilitate ongoing communication, involvement, support, and recognition between National Guard families and the National Guard in a partnership that promotes the best in both; thereby, establishing and maintaining Family Readiness for mobilization in support of the Guard’s dual mission: Federal and State.   
•Assist Commands and Units as they support their families during peacetime, Territorial Emergencies, & Federal Mobilization Missions
•Provide Efficient and Effective Services & Resources to Guard Families which Contribute to Readiness and Retention
•Enhance the Quality of Life for guard members, their families, and the community in which they live
•Family Assistance -- Contractual obligation to provide primarily military assistance to guard families.
•Family Support -- Mutual help and emotional support that family members provide each other, most often in the form of a unit Soldier & Family/Youth Readiness Group (SFRG/YRG) and Key Volunteer Team (KVT).
Family Readiness, Family Assistance Center, Child & Youth Program, Yellow Ribbon Reintegration Program Support, Personal Financial Counselors, and Military Family Life Counselors.
• Attain Accreditation for the VING State Family Program in 2020 
• Inform and educate service members, family members, veterans, retirees of all branches of the Armed Forces on benefits and entitlements available to the Guard Family
• Fully implement the Army Family Action Plan (AFAP), Guard Family Team Building (GFTB), Guard Youth Team Building (GYTB) and Key Spouse/Volunteer Programs
• Recommend to the Command programs that will improve the Quality of Life (QOL) for Service members and their families
• Encourage participation of family members in activities which support the unit
• Develop a Family Readiness Network through which families mutually support each other
• Develop a Communication Network from the unit to the family
• Improve Family Awareness of the unit’s organization, mission, and activities through training experiences, volunteer service and social media
• Prepare Family Members in the event of Mobilization and Emergency Family Assistance Center (EFAC) Operations 
• Complete and maintain the Standards of Accreditation for the VING 
• Develop a working relationship with the Staff Judge Advocate (SJA) Office and the Family Readiness Program
• Ensure and Assist with 100% Family /Dependent Care Plan requirement
• Achieve 100% DEERS/AFFIRST Enrollment
• Encourage and Assist with 100% family member I.D. Card requirement
• Encourage all guard members to provide Wills for their families
• Prepare and publish Newsletters
• Establish/Obtain Unit Telephone Trees & Databases, and Unit Strip Maps
• Initiate a Minimum of One (1) Unit  “Family Orientation” or “Annual Information Brief” per year, per unit/squadron
• Organize Pro-active Volunteer Soldier & Family/Youth Readiness Groups (SFRGs/YRGs) and Key Volunteer Teams (KVTs)
• Increase volunteer membership in SFRG/YRG/KVT by 20% annually
    1. STX/STT FRGLs Training & VMIS Overview 
    2. STX/STT Youth Volunteer Adult Training 
    3. STX Commanders/MPOC Training 
    4. Accreditation Site Visit 
    5. Military Family Appreciation Month (MFAM) Activities 
        • MFM Poster Board Display 
        • MFAM Discounted Community Movie Theater Nights 
        • MFM Certificates Signed by TAG and Chief of Staff 
        • MFM Sports Night 
        • STT MFM Paradise Jam 
    6. 786th Combat Service Support Battalion Annual Family Meal 
    7. 104th Troop Command Annual Family Meal 
    8. VING SFP Strategic Planning & SWOT Analysis Session* 
    9. Army Family Action Plan (AFAP) Overview* 
    10. CPR/First Aid Training
    11. Instructor Training Course (ITC) 
    12. Army Family Team Building Training – Part I* 
    13. Agriculture & Food Fair Volunteer Recruitment Drive 
    14. STX/STT Zero To Three Training 
    15. STT/STX Military Child Education Coalition (MCEC) Training 
    16. Military Saves & Financial Literacy Month 
         • Military Saves Month (MSM) Kick-Off & Pledge 
         • MSM Mass Media Campaigns 
         • MSM Lunch & Learns
         • MSM FUNancial Fair 
         • EASTER HOLIDAY B   AK 
    17. Easter Holiday
    18. STX/STT Month of the Military Child (MOMC) Post Purple-Up Activity 
    19. Guard Youth Team Building (GYTB) Workshop 
    20. GYTB Workshop Alternate Dates 
         • STT CARNIVAL 
    18. STX Volunteer Appreciation Ceremony 
    19. STT Volunteer Appreciation Ceremony 
    20. Military Spouse Appreciation Event 
    21. Annual Volunteer Workshop (AVW) 
    22. STX Youth Camp 
    23. Hurricane Emergency Preparedness (Red Cross and/or VITEMA) 
    25. Child Abuse, Neglect & Reporting Procedures Training