Welcome to the Office of the Inspector General (IG) 


To serve as an extension of the eyes, ears, voice and conscience of The Adjutant General through the four functions of the Inspector General (IG) Office: Teach and Train, Assistance, Investigations and Inspections. This supports The Adjutant General and subordinate commanders in improving readiness and warfighting capability, achieving disciplined and combat ready units, and maintaining the operational effectiveness and preparedness of the Virgin Islands National Guard (VING).

The VING IG office can provide IG assistance to both Soldiers and Airmen (find links for the other Services at bottom of this page). VING's Army Detailed IG and Air Force IG/Q (Complaints Resolution) is:


LTC Romell Ward
Virgin Islands National Guard

Inspector General

Physical Locations:
SFC Leonard B. Francis (LBF) Readiness Center (Estate Nazareth, St. Thomas)
LTC Lionel A. Jackson (LAJ) Armory (Estate Bethlehem ​Armory, St Croix)

Mailing Address:
Virgin Islands National Guard
Joint Force Headquarters
RR1, Box 9201
Kingshill, VI 00850-9731

Telephone Numbers: TBA.

Email Addresses:


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