The 104th Troop Command Detachment 

The 104th Troop Command Detachment 1 currently provides command, control and staff supervision over the 661st Military Police Company, 652nd Engineer Detachment, 651stSurface Maintenance Company, Detachment, 630th Quartermaster Detachment and 51st Public Affairs Detachment.  The 104th Troop Command Detachment also prepares the units for mobilization and national and territorial emergencies.  

The priorities 104th Troop Command Detachment set the efficiencies we gain, and the continuous improvements we achieve will be attained in keeping with our Army Values loyalty, duty, respect, selfless service, honor, integrity, and personal courage.  We continually measure ourselves and our success by our adherence to those values.  We reflect the high standards to which the entire Virgin Islands National Guard adheres.  The 104th Troop Command has highly trained and competent Soldiers who support the subordinating units within the command. 



XO 340-712-7902
S4 340-712-7734
S3 340-712-7902
S1 340-712-7936
PROP ACCT TECH 340-712-8009
BATTALION CSM 340-712-7939

104TH Troop Command