Deputy State Surgeon & Medical Detachment


Our mission is to plan, program, promote, provide and sustain health force protection and medical/dental support to meet operational, training and mobilization medical readiness requirements of our VI ARNG soldiers and airmen. Simultaneously, we will remain well postured to support any territorial and federal missions when called upon.

To be the most ready and relevant medical assets within the territory. We will be outstanding well trained and developed leaders. Competent in all our skills sets and highly flexible and adaptable to perform any federal or territorial mission called upon to do. Finally, to infuse the concept that the medical mission is a force multiplier for the VING’s strategic vision, mission and values.

Services Available:
  • Periodic Health Assessment
  • AGR Sick Call
  • Immunizations
  • Records
The MEDDET/DSS is not responsible for the duty status of individual being serviced.  It is the Soldier and the Unit responsibility to ensure they are on a duty status when receiving services.

Periodic Health Assessment:

The PHA is an annual readiness assessment of the Soldier’s medical readiness that includes:

Dental: Dental screening will be completed at the PHA unless you turn-in a completed DD Form 2813 from your dentist.  The DD Form 2813 must be dated within 6 months of your appointment and the classification will stay valid for 1 year from the date on the form.

Soldiers can obtain free dental examination and/or treatment by the Army contracted provider Logistics Health Incorporated (LHI).  Contact your unit administrator to request a voucher if you are dental readiness classification (DRC) 3 or 4.

Vision: If you wear glasses, you must bring them with you to your appointment.  You will have both uncorrected and corrected vision screening.

Hearing: Please refrain from exposure to loud sounds for 14 hours prior to your appointment which can temporarily alter your results and trigger the need for additional testing.

Fasting: All Soldiers age 40 and over will be screened for their cardiovascular risk percentage and will be required to fast from 10:00pm the night before their appointment.  You can only drink water.

Online portion of PHA:

The online portion of the PHA can only be completed on a network connected computer.  To complete, log on to Medical Readiness Portal at (CAC Required).  It can also be accessed through Army Knowledge Online (AKO) at, then look under “My Cards” for My Medical Readiness.

At the bottom under “Self-service” select Periodic Health Assess then select “Start New Survey.”  The survey must be completed prior to reporting for Part 2 of the PHA.
Duty Restrictions:

It is the Soldier’s responsibility to report any medical problems immediately to the chain of command and comply with medical restrictions.  Commanders will honor a private physician’s recommendations until the Soldier is evaluated by a military provider and issued DA Form 3349.  Soldiers should not wait until their PHA to report medical condition/problem.
Women’s Health:

Examinations specific to women are no long mandatory, however, female Soldiers need to be aware of evidence-based preventive health service and should follow current guidelines in accordance with the U.S. Preventative Service Task Force A and B recommendations, which can be found at

Medical Detachment
MED SURG NURSE (340) 712-7858
READINESS NCO (340) 712-8083
SUPPLY NCO (340) 712-7937


Joint Force Headquarters
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