Distributed Learning Program

The Army National Guard Distributed Learning Program provides online capabilities in communities throughout the nation to support the training and readiness of Soldiers and units, assist in the generation of operational forces, and enhance routine and emergency operations. 

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The ARNG DLP is one of several ARNG training support programs managed by the Training Support Branch (office symbol ARNG-TRS), Training Division, G-3, ARNG Directorate.  The ARNG DLP is also the Office of Primary Responsibility for (ARNG DLP) to the National Guard Master Cooperative Agreement, which enables the program to provide Federal funds to the States for the operation and maintenance of Federally-provided ARNG Distributed Learning Classrooms (DLCs). 

Each State, the three Territories (Guam, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands), and the District of Columbia has a State DL Program to implement to manage and operate the ARNG DLCs in their State.  

The ARNG DLP's primary component to provide online capabilities is through Delivery.  We manage a Federal program that provides States with DL “points of delivery," the ARNG DLCs, which today includes more than 400 Fixed and Mobile ARNG DLCs connected to the Internet.  We collaborate with the Reserve Component Automation Systems (RCAS), U.S. Army Program Executive Office Enterprise Information Systems, to field modernized DLCs and to perform lifecycle refresh and technical sustainment of existing DLCs.  


U.S. Army Distributed Learning System (DLS)   

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Distributed Learning Program